How Can a Home Renovation Cost the Same as a Project Home?

Posted by Sandra Brewer on Jul 13, 2016 6:59:05 AM
Enjoy this article from Houzz magazine on the reasons why renovating is often as expensive as buying an off-the-plan project home:
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Should you renovate in 2016? Here’s how to decide.

Posted by Sandra Brewer on Jan 1, 2016 4:02:18 PM

Making the decision to renovate can be a very long process, with some people talking about updating their home for years before actually doing it.

What’s common amongst people who decide to renovate is reflecting on the following five factors. Considering each point might help you to decide if renovating this year is going to be a good idea for your family.

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What Paul Clitheroe thinks about buying new vs renovating

Posted by Sandra Brewer on Oct 21, 2015 10:27:44 AM

Listening to the radio this week we heard an interesting market commentary report from Paul Clitheroe. He was discussing the benefits of selling your home and buying a new one, vs renovating.

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Our best home extensions in Perth

Posted by Ralph Brewer on Sep 7, 2015 1:44:00 PM

There's a an obvious difference between a home renovation and a home extension. With a renovation, we are usually working with what's there in the house already. For example, a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation, which is located in exactly the same place as the existing kitchen or bathroom.

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Move or renovate? The $43,134 question.

Posted by Ralph Brewer on Sep 1, 2015 1:59:34 PM

Why $43,134? Because that's the cost of stamp duty on a $1m house. In the Inner Suburbs of Perth, $1m doesn't really go far. If you were to sell and upgrade to a house that's around that price, you are facing a massive stamp duty cost. Not to mention the Real Estate Agent's selling fees if you sell your current home.

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