Outdated Home Transformed to an Entertaining Dream!

Posted by Sandra Brewer on Sep 14, 2017 11:56:52 AM

George and Nicole have been the proud owners of their home in Duncraig for forty years! But like many homes built in the 1970's, the design did not consider the effective use of outdoor space. As George said "the house lacked light and needed a central entertaining area". 

Castlefern alfresco before.jpg

Oh dear me... The before shot of the alfresco shows a clear need for a total renovation!

The interior design was also outdated (George's words!) and the appliances had reached the end of their life.

Castlefern kitchen before.jpg

A complete overhaul of the kitchen and living area was in order.

But of course, things aren't that easy to decide to do, and George and Nicole spent a lot of time planning their renovation with Exactus before deciding to proceed. "We were worried about the disruption to our general daily living throughout the project, and we also worried about how much it would cost. By working with Ralph, we were able to understand what each component would cost, and how we could manage it. Once we were confident we knew we could pay the bank back, it wasn't that hard!"

Exactus had been recommended to George and Nicole by a friend, who advised them, "go for it, you only live once!" Or YOLO as the young kids would say these days!

Castlefern kitchen before 2.jpg

Out with old and in with the new!

Describing the construction phase, George said "Exactus had a very organised building site. It was above our expectations in that regard. We had some early starts, but all the Exactus tradies were very personable."

The final result was an incredible transformation, which has resulted in a home that is perfect for entertaining.

001 (1024x683).jpg

This new alfresco was designed, engineered and built with pride by Exactus. The construction is comprised of five brick pillars, with a kapur beams to span the openings. The result is an extremely high pitched roof line, enhanced by pine lining boards.

003 (1024x683).jpg

From one end to another, the width of this alfresco space is 15m. That provides a generous space to have the family and friends over to watch the footy finals!

006 (1024x683).jpg

Who is the BBQ King? Our client, George is! With this line up of alfresco kitchen appliances, there's no excuses for not putting on a feast when the family comes around. We'll have something from the beer fridge, please George!

007 (1024x683).jpg

The greatest transformation of the 1970's home to a contemporary home was the installation of these stacking doors. Featuring 7 glass panels, they can be easily slid back to create uninterrupted living between the indoors and alfresco. 

009 (1024x683).jpg

In this renovation, Exactus successfully blended old and new. The roof beams and lining boards of the raking ceiling in this home were original. We modernised the living area and added sliding stacking doors to the alfresco.

010 (1024x683).jpg

When you choose the right colours and textures, it all just works. Our client made great selections in their kitchen design, choosing grey Caesarstone benchtops and glossy white cabinetry.

011 (1024x683).jpg

The white and stainless steel colours selected in this kitchen design enabled George and Nicole's existing furniture to be the focus, rather than compete on colour.

012 (1024x683).jpg

A bright, extremely spacious galley style kitchen provides ample space to prepare a meal - so no having to say "excuse me" every time you walk past your cooking partner!

In reflecting on whether it was all worth it, George and Nicole agree, "absolutely". George said that "Life is now relaxed and enjoyable, as we have a family entertaining house that we love to share with friends and our extended family." It's that sort of reaction that makes it all worthwhile for the team at Exactus! 

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