Our best home extensions in Perth

Posted by Ralph Brewer on Sep 7, 2015 1:44:00 PM
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There's a an obvious difference between a home renovation and a home extension. With a renovation, we are usually working with what's there in the house already. For example, a kitchen renovation or a bathroom renovation, which is located in exactly the same place as the existing kitchen or bathroom.

For a home extension, we are changing the floorplan or the roof line of the house to make it bigger or more enjoyable to live in.

One of the most common home extensions we do in the Western Suburbs of Perth is a rear-of-house extension. This involves knocking off the back of the home, which in the older style homes is a very basic laundry and sleep out.

Changing the back of the house usually gives the very big benefit of connecting the outdoor alfresco area to the living area in the home. This is perfect for our lifestyle in Perth, and without a doubt grows the value of a your property.

Want to see our best home extensions in Perth? Here they are - just click on them;

Alderbury St, Floreat

Castle Rd, Woodlands

Glengariff St, Floreat

Carrick St, Woodlands

If you'd like to know more about the cost of home extensions, you can read our guide by downloading it here: 

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